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Which problems that we will meet when we use the printer for the first time?

02 lut 2018 - 07:15:35
We live and work in a connected environment?emails,instant messaging, fax machines,

printer toner, and cell phone?making it hard for worker to truly

get time away from their work. Today, let us talk about our work with toner cartridge.

We are working in a new environment with so many high technology machines, those help us work more

and more convenient and make our work more easy than before. Such as when we need to sign a contract

with partner or a customer that we need to print the contract with cooperation detail notes. Then we

need to use the printer and computer help us. It just need 1 or 2 mins can finished all jobs and

save us our precious time and improve our work efficiency. All above that is printer and toner

cartridge given to us.
As we all know that there has some famous brand printer in our life, such as: HP, Canon, Brother,

Samsung etc. We do hope that we can use the good brand printer during our working time. However we

will meet so many problems even it has a good brand. For example: the printer can't work if the

toner cartridge wok off, then we should replace it in advance. Then the problem will appear one

after another. Should we choose the original toner cartridge instead the old one? How about the

price? How long can it work for a new one? Can we use another brand toner cartridge to instead of

the original? As a toner cartridge supplier, the answer as follow:
1. We can choose the same brand toner cartridge or choose another brand toner cartridge

instead of the original.
2. About the price, if we choose the same brand toner cartridge, the price should be double

higher than another brand, such as V4ink toner cartridge, the price looks good with high quality.
3. About the page yield: such as one type HP toner cartridge [url=

CF217A-Compatible-Toner-Cartridge-No-IC-Chip]hp cf217a[/url] can up to 1,600 Pages 5% Coverage

(Letter/A4). It can be used in LaserJet Pro M102w,LaserJet Pro MFP M130fn/M130fw/M130nw/M130a

series. However this brand is V4ink and not HP.
As our explanation above, I am sure that you already get the answer for the question 4.





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