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The role of floor maintenance of essential oils

10 lut 2018 - 14:47:28

Scratch Resistance --- Natural resin can form a protective film on the floor surface to prevent minor scratches and the use of the product after a period of time slightly scratched the same color, thereby preventing scratches darker and darker.

Crack-proof --- Although the wood is made into the floor and the furniture but does not lose the characteristics of the plant, it is easy to heat up with the weather and shrinkage, damp and dry, so often after the installation of the floor crack, and in this product Natural resin can help to replenish the needed wood oil and moisturize the floor in time, so that the floor is not easy to crack.

Bright --- wooden floor, furniture is not maintained and luster dim gradually, and this product contains natural resin, wood products can quickly absorb and restore luster and bright as new. Moisture --- wooden floors, furniture, nemesis is water, while the wood-based ingredients contain water-repellent, to prevent moisture and moldy wood.

Decontamination --- Because this product contains natural wood oil, it has a decontamination effect at the moment of use and leaves the wooden surface fresh. And anti-static without dust. Antibacterial --- natural phytoncid antibacterial function, the human body is helpful.

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